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Front-end Developer Job Description

What is a Front-end  Developer?

A front-end web developer is a web developer focused on developing front-end applications of a website which is everything to do with what a user sees and interacts with. Expert front-end developers can have both front-end and back-end technology skills. Special front-end developers who can work as UI and UX designers are called “unicorn”.

What does a Front-end Developer do?

A front-end developer creates all the visual elements, front-end features and everything a user interacts with like fonts, menus, buttons, sliders, the arrangement of videos, photos, videos, articles, and others. A front-end developer manages several roles in the development of a front-end application, from creating frameworks, to coding, to maintenance, to implementation and submission. A senior front-end developer is also involved in the designing of a product.

Typical tasks for a Front-end Developer Include:

  • Translate UI and UX design wireframes to codes the visual elements of the application
  • Work closely with UI and UX designers for graphic design
  • Create new features,codes and libraries
  • Collaborate with back-end developers to validate the user input of application before submission
  • Make sure that the application is highly functional
  • Make sure that that application will adhere to SEO principles

Technical Skills for Front-end Developers:

  • Expert  in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Strong Knowledge of web markup like  HTML5, CSS3
  • Basic Knowledge of CSS preprocessors like  LESS and SASS
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and jQuery
  • Knowledge of client-side scripting
  • Knowledge of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks, like AngularJS, Ember, ReactJS, KnockoutJS, DurandalJS, BackboneJS  and others
  • Knowledge of JS-based build tools like Gulp, Grunt, and Bower
  • Familiarity with  image tools like Gimp, Photoshop, and others of cross-browser compatibility issue
  • Knowledge of code versioning tools like Git, SVN, Mercurial and others
  • Understanding of SEO principles
  • Knowledge of Front-end (CSS) frameworks like or Bootstrap and Foundation
  • AJAX

What to Include in a Front-end Developer Job Description – Template

Below are the elements to include in a strong Front-end developer job description:

Title: Front-end Developer Job Description: [ Include a brief description of the role you’re hiring for.] We’re looking for a rockstar Front-end Developer who can help take our startup to the next level! You will be the lead Front-end developer on a growing team.

Company Description [Write a short introduction to your company. Include your mission statement and anything that makes your company stand out.]

Compensation: $70k up to $120k+ The right candidate will have the following skills [List skills and responsibilities]

Benefits & Perks [Insert benefits here. These can include work schedule, company catered meals, fitness perks, pet policies and more]