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Angular JS Developer Job Description

What is an Angular JS Developer?

An Angular JS Developer is a developer is a  JavaScript programmer that is also expert in Angular JS. Angular JS Developers  follow a certain “angular” way allowing them to maximize a framework to create a great web application.

What does an Angular JS Developer do?

Angular JS Developer  creates the framework for  the development of front-end applications.They have various roles in the web application development from  creating a user interface, to coding, to conducting product research and analysis. An expert Angular JS Developer can make decisions for product and web designs.

Typical tasks for an Angular JS Developer Include:

  • Producing a perfect front-end application
  • Design web application-develop  rich user interfaces using the latest Front End Technologies  to create mobile and desktop applications that will be compatible with any kind of devices.
  • Writing Java code, tested and documented HTML,javascript and CSS.
  • Working closely with the back-end developer,graphic designer HTML coder and  with external web services
  • Conducting Product research  and analysis
  • Creating application code for the application development center

Technical Skills for AngularJS  Developers:

  • Core AngularJS
  • JavaScript methods, HTML and CSS
  • Core web fundamentals: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Core CSS  like Sass and LESS
  • JS frameworks and  JS-based build tools like Grunt and Bower
  • Skill web design- jQuery or Bootstrap
  • AJAX /Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • Knowledge of  web services in the system like API,proxies,caching layer,etc.

What to Include in an Angular JS Developer Job Description – Template

Below are the elements to include in a strong Angular JS developer job description:

Title: Angular JS Developer Job Description: [ Include a brief description of the role you’re hiring for.] We’re looking for a rockstar Angular JS Developer who can help take our startup to the next level! You will be the lead Angular JS developer on a growing team.

Company Description [Write a short introduction to your company. Include your mission statement and anything that makes your company stand out.]

Compensation: $70k up to $150k+ The right candidate will have the following skills [List skills and responsibilities]

Benefits & Perks [Insert benefits here. These can include work schedule, company catered meals, fitness perks, pet policies and more]