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Android Developer Job Description

What is an Android Developer?

An Android developer is a developer focused on building applications for the Android operating system. Android developers are experts at designing advanced applications for the Android platform and all Android devices.

What does Android do?

Initially, Android Inc. designed the Android Operating System until Google acquired it in 2005. Google made several developments and modified the system based on the Linux kernel and other open source software. Since then, Android Operating System has gone through multiple major releases of different and improved version each year. The progress first powered smartphones and tablets. Then Google has continued improving until they produced various Android specialized interface each for televisions, cars, wristwatches, game consoles, cameras, laptops and other electronics. 

What does an Android Developer do?

Android developers must possess a wide skillset. Their job entails everything from designing and developing applications, unit-testing code, documenting design specifications, UI/UX requirements and bug-fixing.

Typical tasks for an Android Developer Include:

  • Managing the full technical lifecycle of Android application development phases
  • Translating wireframes and designs into high quality code
  • Design, build and maintain high performance code
  • Develop UI/UX requirements and mockups
  • Diagnose performance issues and fix bugs
  • Collaborate across teams to design and ship new features

Common Technical Skills for Swift Developers

  • Entry-level android developer: Cloud message APIs and push notification familiarity, and publishing apps.  
  • Intermediate Android developers: Google Location Services, Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices, and dealing with different screen sizes and peripherals.
  • Expert Android developer should be able to design Android platform, including Java, Android Studio, Gradle, ADB, and publishing apps to the Google Play store, knowledge with Web architectures and services (HTTP, REST, etc.), Persisting data (User Defaults), Background operations (AsyncTask).
  • Experience with the approval and deployment of apps into the Google Play Store

What to Include in an Android Developer Job Description – Template

Below are the elements to include in a strong Android developer job description:

Title: Android Developer
Job Description: [ Include a brief description of the role you’re hiring for.] We’re looking for a rockstarAndroid Developer who can help take our startup to the next level! You will be the leadAndroid developer on a growing team.
Company Description [Write a short introduction to your company. Include your mission statement and anything that makes your company stand out.]
Compensation: $125k+
The right candidate will have the following skills [List skills and responsibilities]
Benefits & Perks [Insert benefits here. These can include work schedule, company catered meals, fitness perks, pet policies and more]