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What is an AI(Artificial Intelligence) Engineer?

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineer is a developer focused on building software that can be used for artificial intelligence applications and programs. AI engineers have a strong foundation in programming and systems analysis, and are typically fluent in several programming languages.

What does an AI Engineer do?

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) engineer specializes in designing and developing advanced AI software.The role of an AI engineer in the development of Artificial Intelligence systems varies depending on their specialization, but tasks range from programming computer smart systems, to writing documentation, to software design, security, testing and maintenance of software systems.

Most AI engineers specialize in the field of Applied AI and others specialize in fields like Medicine, Sports, Law, Geology, Finance, and Accounting. Artificial intelligence developers can work for research centers, AI application development companies, and other large corporations.

Typical tasks for an AI engineer include:

• Creating framework for artificial emotions and ideas
• Creating code and algorithms for pathfinding, camera control, group movement, tactical strategy, and others
• Collaborating with designers to ensure high implementation the create neural networks and others
• Works closely with game testers to identify and fix bugs
• Supervise other programmers
• Curate and prepare data
• Understanding machine learning toolsets and integrating them into a bigger project
• Predictive analytics and multiple neural networks
• Writing clear and concise technical documentation
• Pulling the right data from databases

Technical skills for AI engineers:

• Programming languages like Java and LISP
• DL-Deep learning
• NLP-Natural language processing
• ML-Machine learning
• Strong Knowledge in C++ and STL
• APIs like OpenGL and PhysX
• Profiling tools like Perl and Perforce
• Knowledge in physics and technical writing
• Have a strong foundation in Advanced Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
• Math, algebra, and calculus for algorithms
• AI frameworks
• Open source, Apache, Google, IBM, Microsoft, R, Python,D R, Scala,Spark,
• Data Science
• Python and Java.
• AI libraries like Café,TensorFlow, and Torch
• Knowledge of filters
•Fuse and correlate different feed
•Analytics deployment,ETL,ingestion
•Domain knowledge

An Artificial Intelligence Engineer has different roles depending on their specialization:

  • Applied AI- program computer smart systems like face recognition software, video games, and military weapons.
  • Research scientists -design, undertake and analyze information
  • Software Engineer -networks, operating systems, databases or applications
  • Software Analyst- research and software application domain; put together software requirements and documents
  • C# developer -responsible for developing a highly functional application, creating performance, security, testing, and others
  • Java Developer -integrates Java into business applications, software, and websites by working closely with web developers and software engineers
  • Information Security Engineers -responsible for the organization’s computer networks and systems
  • Software development manager- design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems

What to Include in an AI Engineer Job Description – Template

Below are the elements to include in a strong AI engineer job description:

Title: AI Engineer

Job Description: [ Include a brief description of the role you’re hiring for.] We’re looking for a rockstar AI engineer who can help take our startup to the next level! You will be the lead AI developer on a growing team.

Company Description [Write a short introduction to your company. Include your mission statement and anything that makes your company stand out.]

Compensation: $150k+ The right candidate will have the following skills [List skills and responsibilities]

Benefits & Perks [Insert benefits here. These can include work schedule, company catered meals, fitness perks, pet policies and more]